Parts Unknown


Parts Unknown embodied the process of addressing every core problem within yourself. It’s an eternal dance between being pessimistic and being hopeful at the same time. A never ending learning experience of embracing every aspect of yourself, even the worst part. To be able to accept and sit with your own feelings is an underrated superpower.

The passing of Anthony Bourdain is an instant trigger. This collection was named after his travel series, “Parts Unknown” as a tribute for him. Movies like “Girl, Interrupted” and “Rosemary’s baby” are the perfect story-tellers, personally and generally, somehow so relatable. Not to mention, the essence and artwork of Vampire Weekend’s latest album “Father Of The Bride”, the magnificent “Fleabag”, Louise Bourgeois’ “Spiral” piece, Maggie Rogers and the most natural, complex unconditional love we’ve seen in “Ladybird”.
Essentially, it’s about being responsible with yourself and embracing your twisted, complicated nature.

The silhouettes in this collection are column and fit & flare. Most shapes are irregular, asymmetrically odd with drapery detail. Colours are a combination of the costumes in 60s movies, Vampire weekend’s Father Of The Bride artworks and the colours that were shown when I meditated, especially in Twisterella print. Due to current global pandemic and the stay home campaign, the collection are dominated by comfortable pieces such as printed rayon shirts and shorts, printed cotton shift dress, easy tops with interesting sleeve details, slouchy yet boxy jackets and casual wide leg trousers with the intention of for people to stay home yet still functionally running errands.



Jatidiri Ono(@identityono)

Hair & Makeup Artist:

Grace Frederica(@gracebeautydiary)


Asri Winata, Fatriana Zukhra, Katya(Amor Models), Rummana Yamanie Special thanks to Dinda Danarwindha!